Nordiclight’s Zach WTD ‘ZACH’ (neutered)

Status: Neutered, member of the team

Weight: to come

Height: to come

Colour: Grey/white

DOB: May 13th, 2015

See his photos album HERE


His parents:


His father Flake « Malamute Mountain’s Flake for Nordiclight WPD WTD WTDA (Imp. Germany) has a perfect working conformation, exactly what we was looking for, he is build for work hard and for a long time. He has a really great working aptitude, always motivated, ready for a start, fast and powerful. He is a trotter, but he can split to a galop without problem. Flake works in all position in the team.

His mother Salem « Nordiclight’s Salem WTD » has a really athletic conformation and is really promising at work.






Malamute Mountain’s Flake for Nordiclight WPD WTD WTDA (Imp. Germany)

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