Nordiclight’s Sierra Nevada WPD « Sierra » (Spayed)

Status: Spayed, retired, live in the house with us

Weight: 78 lbs

Height: 24 1/2″

Colour: Wolfgrey/white

DOB: February 24th, 2007

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Hips: OFA: AM-12856G38F-VPI « Good »

Elbows: OFA: AM-EL571F38-VPI « Normal »

Eyes: CERF: AM-350512

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear)

Chondrodysplasie: certifiable

Sierra came back to us with her friend Taboo due to a divorce situation. When we brought her back we discovered that she had not been well socialized after leaving us as a puppy. She did not know her name, was not tolerant of other dogs except Taboo, and was impossible to handle. She did not look happy, ever.  Now we can say that Sierra is our biggest success! After a full year of  hard work on socialization and training, we decided to bring her in as a house dog. We thought the extra contact would help a lot and it did! Sierra is now a completely different dog. She has bonded deeply with us. She has become sensitive and attentive, and best of all she gets along very well with all of our other dogs and she  shares her house life happily with 3 other  dogs, 2 female, one male. She has shown us that her problems had to do with not being handled enough and her real temperament is coming through, and she is proving to be an absolutely delightful addition to our pack and our home.

I know she is happy: she woo-woos to me, telling me the latest  gossip, and waits for me to share my peanut butter toast each morning – I confess I spoil her, just a little. We take walks together and she shows me that she really appreciates the extra attention. Sierra may well be our biggest success! We simply love her to bits and she will stay with us forever as a house dog. She has also been a working dog. She earned  her backpacking title (WPD) and loved doing it.  While she has not run the big distances like our other dogs, she has done some sledding, and proved herself  very good at that too. However now she is no longer a team dog, but a spoiled girl enjoying her house life.

Her parents:

Satch was a superb dog. He worked in different positions, including sometimes in lead.





In young age, Nova was really athletic (this picture was around 1 1/2 year old). With Nova, we begun to visualize what we liked really much as working conformation. We studied her a lot in the trail and in all conditions of work and she is really what we wanted, a more athletic dog. Nova has definite the base of our mind about what we wanted to produce. It is with her too that we realized that a nice slopping croup was a big + for a malamute. Nova was a smooth and fast trotting dog. She was never injuried. She was working in all place on the team, in lead, point, team or wheel, no problem, she was excellent. She has produced for us and several other working kennels many excellent leaders. In the past and again today, she is MY girl (Nathalie). Nova is the first Malamute in the world to obtained the 3 working ROM possible to obtain. What a girl!!!


Her pedigree:

Kablunaq’s Swinging Satchmo WTD ROMWD ROMWDA

BISS Am. Ch. Sendaishi’s Sledn with Moody WTD ROMWD

BISS Am. Ch. Sendaishi’s Polar Trax ROM WTDX

Sendaishi’s Aimin’High

Frostfield Mad Maggie SD WTD ROMWD ROMWDA (Imp. USA)

Frostfield Kotzebue Kalvin

Am. Ch. Frostfield Sweet Stephanie


Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (Imp. USA)

Mick-Shrok’s Wizard of Ahhs

Goldust’s Winsome Witch

Strawberry Mtn Saturn Sunrise CGC

Strawberry Mountain Gestalt

Snocrest Twilight Taboo


Ses enfants avec des titres de travail:

1) Nordiclight’s LeeLoo WPD WTD

2) Nordiclight’s Kinook WPD WTD



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