Nordiclight’s Speedy LightFoot WTD WTDA ‘LIGHTFOOT’ (spayed)

Status: Spayed, member of the team

Weight: 69 lbs

Height: 24 1/2″

Colour: Wolfgrey/white

DOB: July 02nd, 2010

See her photos album HERE

LightFoot gave us 3 litters, the first one with Flake, second one with VooDoo and the last one with Shadow.


Hips: OFA: Prelim GOOD # 1516414

Eyes: CERF: AM-366586

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear)

Chondrodysplasia: AUST. # 177

LightFoot is a really easy-going girl and very friendly. She works on the team in all positions, including lead. She got lot of the qualities of her  mother Summer and grandmother Nova, and like them, she will certainly become an excellent leader.





LightFoot’s children who obtained working titles:

1) Nordiclight’s Racy WLD


Her parents:

Her father Nomad « Nordiclight’s Nomad WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD » has a wonderful temperament and is always happy in all situation. An incredible puller. We have not the habit to keep too big dogs, but Nomad is an exception. He is a mountain of muscles and very well balanced, what make him a extremely strong dog and relatively fast. Habitually, the dogs of this size are not really resistant over a certain distance, but we have not yet bring him near his limit, but he has inherited of lot a athletic qualities of his mother (Faith), so we will see more in the futur.

LightFoot’s mother, Summer «Nordiclight’s Summer Night WLD WTD WTDA WTDX ROMWD » was one of our best leaders ever. She stole our hearts and minds for she was intelligent, and thought things out for herself, and yet strove to please us at all times. She was easy-going with everyone, and yet had an incredible working drive, and a very very fast recovery time. We see her in LightFoot, and are glad.



Her pedigree:

Nordiclight’s Nomad WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD


Kodiak Kenai Quimmitsaig Grube

Alaska Princess Queen

Nordiclight’s Faith WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA

Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (Imp. USA)

Oopik’s Kindred Spirit WTDX ROMWD

Nordiclight’s Summer Night WLD WTD WTDA WTDX ROMWD

Kablunaq’s Swinging Satchmo WTD ROMWD ROMWDA

Sendaishi’s Sledn with MooDy WTD ROMWD

Frostfield Mad Maggie SD WTD ROMWD ROMWDA


Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (Imp. USA)

Strawberry Mtn Saturn Sunrise CGC




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