Malamute Mountain’s Flake for Nordiclight WPD WTD WTDA (Imp. Germany) ‘FLAKE’ (intact)


Status: Intact, breeding stock, available for stud service and frozen semen, member of the team

Weight: 79 lbs

Height: 26″

Colour: Wolfgrey/white

DOB: October 01st, 2009

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Hips: OFA: AM-13155G26M-VPI « Good »

Elbows: OFA: AM-EL671M26-VPI « Normal »

Eyes: CERF: AM-366587

DNA for Polyneuropathy: Homozygous Normal (clear)

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear)

Flake is one of our German’s imports. He has a very nice temperament and is really affectionate. He has a perfect working conformation, exactly what we was looking for, he is build for work hard and for a long time. He has a really great working aptitude, always motivated, ready for a start, fast and powerful. He is a trotter, but he can split to a galop without problem. Flake works in all position in the team. He is a very good dog, so he will certainly contribute a lot in our breeding program.


Flake’s children who obtained working titles:

1) Nordiclight’s Racy WLD

2) Nordiclight’s the unique Solo WTD

3) Nordiclight’s Syd the Warrior WTD

His parents:

His father Hetja « Crazy Crew’s Hetja til Oona » lives in Germany. He is a superb dog. He was a leader with Shadow & Yoko’s father for several years and he done many races in Europe.

His mother Elsa « Malamute Mountain’s Elsa » lives also in Germany and is also a leader. She participated in several races and sled dogs championship there. She is a very nice female.




His pedigree:

Crazy Crew’s Hetja til Oona

Arock Nikita Vom Weiherhauser Vogelb

Amarok of Steep Hill Kennel

Bitteroot’s Steep Hill Oona

Ajushidon’s Birka

Angus of Steep Hill Kennel

Umassorujuk Ajupa

Malamute Mountain’s Elsa

The Renegade’s Chilkoots Icy Shadow

Urak du Petit-Chatillon

Smiling Monster’s Delightful Dreamer

Malamute Mountain’s Baghira

Geronimo White Face of Blizzard’s Trail

Rainbow kennel’s Nugget
















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