KETO… Nordiclight’s Keto Nugget WTD (hope of the future)

Status: Intact, hope of the future

Weight: 74 lbs

Color: Seal/white

DOB: May 27th, 2022

See his photos album HERE


Hips: OFA: to come

Elbows: OFA: to come

Eyes: OFA: to come

DNA Polyneuropathy: N/N (clear/not carrier by parentage)

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear/not carrier by parentage)


Nordiclight’s Spike WTD WTDA

Snow Creek Frost-Ice Demon WTD WTDA ROMWD (DEN)

Snow Creek’s Blizzard Grey Wolf

Trap Line Quick Kee-nai WTD WTDA

Nordiclight’s Zipp WTD WTDA

Nordiclight’s Black VooDoo WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD

Yoko Nordiclight of Indian Valley WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD ROMWDA (GER)

Nordiclight’s Flip WTD WTDA

Nordiclight’s Syd the Warrior WTD WTDA

Malamute Mountain’s Flake for Nordiclight WPD WLD WTD WLDA WTDA (GER)

Snow Creek Great Surprise Chilli WTD WTDA (DEN)

Nordiclight’s Salem WTD WTDA

Y-Shadow of Indian Valley WPD WTD WTDA (GER)

Nordiclight’s Spicy Ginger WPD WTD WTDA