Our exports

Through the years, we exported several of our dogs in other countries, especially with breeders and/or working kennels  concerned to import new bloodlines in their breeding program or in their team.  The working aptitude of our dogs and the exceptional temperaments that characterize them are points that are very appreciated with our dogs.  We are proud to presents to you our exports.



Nordiclight’s Shadow

Nordiclight’s Canadian Uhinia


Nordiclight’s Dark Frost TU

Nordiclight’s Forever IceQueen

Nordiclight’s Night Taboo

Nordiclight’s Syd the Black


CH BG Nordiclight’s Canadian Indis


Nordiclight’s Canadian Cayla

Nordiclight’s Attaliq Spirit

Nordiclight’s Rico

Nordiclight’s Snowcreek Akeela

Nordiclight’s Snowcreek Aisha

Nordiclight’s White Witus   


Nordiclight’s North Novesta

Nordiclight’s North Star


Nordiclight’s Lady in Red KVK1 REK1


Nordiclight’s VooDoo

Nordiclight’s Scout

Nordiclight’s Black Pepper WTD

Nordiclight’s High Speed Viper


Nordiclight’s Remember Janouk

Nordiclight’s Arnavik Blk Jack

Nordiclight’s Yaq

Nordiclight’s Nitro & Nordiclight’s Little DemonNordiclight’s Ragnar Lodbrok

Nordiclight’s Kurokami

Nordiclight’s Lorenor Zorro

Holland (Netherland)

Nordiclight’s Trinity WTD WTDX

Nordiclight’s Canadian Imalik WTD WTDX

Nordiclight’s Witch


Nordiclight’s Kane

N S UCH Nordiclight’s Canadian Casper

Nordiclight’s Arctic Togo

Nordiclight’s Beautiful Hope


Nordiclight’s Thunder WPD WTD

Nordiclight’s Elin

Nordiclight’s Lycka


Nordiclight’s Tarrak

Nordiclight’s Tanakee

Nordiclight’s Kusak

Nordiclight’s Alatna

Nordiclight’s Selene

Nordiclight’s Annea Nordiclight’s Black Yortok Nordiclight’s Akimo Nordiclight’s Wild Kenai Nordiclight’s Shoshonee

Nordiclight’s Bootie

Nordiclight’s Shanoo

Nordiclight’s Merlin

Nordiclight’s Amaroq

Nordiclight’s Shailin


Nordiclight’s Brandelle Koko WTD



Nordiclight’s Magic WTD

Nordiclight’s Mystic Legend WTD

Nordiclight’s Sweet Sunny WTD

Nat’l Ch. Nordiclight’s Ruby Mtn Qavvik WTD

Nordiclight’s Cooper*** In 2012, Cooper « Nordiclight’s Cooper » was chosen to become the official model for the 100th year serum run commemorative bronze statue. Better known as the Iditarod. The statue is now located in Seward, Alaska the original start. Owner: Sharon Gibbs, Alaska Artist: Patrick Garley

Nordiclight’s Austin

Nordiclight’s AK Journey

Nordiclight’s Mysterious Taboo

Nordiclight’s Hazel RunAmok & Nordiclight’s Tusk WTD

USA (others states)

Nordiclight’s Nishka

Nordiclight’s Sweet Raven

Nordiclight’s Oslo

Nordiclight’s Whiskey Bandit

Nordiclight’s Dusty Rubicon WTD

Nordiclight’s Uktousa Washakie WTD

Nat/Int (BA)/UKC Ch Nordiclight’s LilMud nth Tires CGC

Nordiclight’s Kleio

Nordiclight’s Dakota Bear

Nordiclight’s Fezzik

Nordiclight’s Tikaani Spirit

Nordiclight’s Tonka Tuff

Nordiclight’s Moos Moos Mooski

Nordiclight’s Koho

Nordiclight’s Suka

Nordiclight’s Denali

Nordiclight’s Kodiak

Nordiclight’s Sigurd

Nordiclight’s White Zombie

Nordiclight’s Slash

Here Slash and Zombie in lead and Sigurd in wheelNordiclight’s Hathi

Nordiclight’s Acadia WhiteFoot & Nordiclight’s AroostookCharlieNordiclight’s Hagrid Bear

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