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We have 2 young available puppies.

POLAR  »Nordiclight’s Polar Bear »
Male, DOB June 24th, 2018

BLADE  »Nordiclight’s Blade »
Female, DOB June 24th, 2018

Our preference would be to sell them together, but we are not closed to the idea of selling them separately.

For more information about them, at first, contact us privately by Facebook or email nordiclightmals@gmail.com to tell us about yourself, your family, your home, backyard, current animals if you have and activities that you want to do with the dog(s) and then we can discuss longer by phone or in person.

Nordiclight’s Polar Bear  »POLAR »

Male, DOB June 24th, 2018

Demon x Salem


Nordiclight’s Blade  »BLADE »

Female, DOB June 24th, 2018

Demon x Salem


Y-Shadow of Indian Valley WPD WTD WTDA (Imp. Germany)  »SHADOW »

Neutered male, DOB July 12th, 2011
Rakkunbarri Bohemia Amarok x Taiga of Indian Valley
Shadow is an energetic that needs to have daily exercises. He is always playful and ready for new adventures. He loves people and is very enthusiastic, but he is sometimes a little abrupt in his approach and his way of showing us that he loves us, so he could not be a dog for a family with children.

Shadow would be the perfect dog for anyone who loves the outdoors a lot and could give him plenty of time, coaching and an active lifestyle. Shadow loves to work and is very efficient, so if his new family wants to try out working activities with him, be it sledding, kicksled, skijoring, bikejoring, backpacking, canicross or hiking, he would be very happy to follow you in all your outdoor activities.

** Shadow has never been in contact with cats, so on the safe side, we are looking for a family without cats.

If you think to be the right family for Shadow and want to learn more about him, contact us PRIVATELY by Facebook private message or email us at nordiclightmals@gmail.com and tell us about yourself, your family, your house-back yard-fence, your work, your activities..



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