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POLAR »Nordiclight’s Polar Bear »

We are looking for a new family for Polar, neutered male, born on June 24, 2018 (Démon x Salem).Polar is a very sociable and affectionate dog. He is larger that what we want for us, which is why we will not keep him with us. We are looking for a very active family who will give him the exercise he needs !! The ideal would be that his new family have a friend for him, but he could naturally get used to being the only dog in the family with people very present for him. He is comfortable with people, noise, traffic … He is used to the crate and is a very good traveler. He’s been tested at work and he’s very hard working dog, so he might be a great addition to a small team.

* With cats, he is very excited! But, since his attitude is not aggressive, it can be work, but the ideal would still be a family without cats.

If you are interested in Polar, contact us PRIVATELY by our Facebook’s page or by email nordiclightmals@gmail.com to tell us about yourself, your family, your house / back yard / fence, your activities, your work, your current animals if you have them and much more … Also send us photos of you, a view of your front house and your back yard from different angles.
Thank you for your interest!!!


Our next litters will be for spring-summer 2020, we accept the reservations now.

For more information, follow the page « Litters to come », we will update it once our plans are officials.


Contact us for more information about our kennel.



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