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FLIP « Nordiclight’s Flip WTD »

We have decided to sell Flip (Syd x Salem) who is 4 years old (born June 27, 2019). Flip is probably the most affectionate dog you can have, she loves human contact more than anything and she is really made for the pets life in the house with an active family that will give her a lot of love and outdoors activities. We would like her to be the only dog in the family to get all the attention we wish for her.

Flip would be an ideal partner for walks, hiking, kickbike, canicross and other sports, she is energetic during activities and very calm in the house.

If you are seriously interested in Flip, first of all, tell us about yourself, your family (with photos), your house/yard (with photos), your job, the activities you want to do with your future dog and much more. ..Contact us PRIVATELY if you want to learn more, either by email nordiclightmals@gmail.com or by our Facebook‘s page.


We are taking reservations on our litter planned for fall 2023. Visit us often for more details. 

For more information, follow the page « Litters to come ».


Contact us for more information about our kennel.



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