Stud service / frozen semen

*** Each inquiry for a stud service or for frozen semen (or fresh/chilled semen) must to include some pictures of the female, her registration (from CKC, AKC, FCI or an other recognized kennel club) her health records (at least hips, elbows and eyes), a general description of the female (weight, temperament, working aptitude…) and her pedigree. Starting there, we will study the information and give you an answer.

Males available for stud service or  frozen semen (or fresh/chilled semen)

Nordiclight’s Iroquois WTD WTDA « IROQUOIS »

Weight: 75 lbs

Color: Black/white

DOB: September 11th, 2021


Elbows: OFA: AM-EL1757M30-C-VPI (NORMAL)

Eyes: OFA: AM-EYE1108/30M-VPI

DNA Polyneuropathy: N/N (clear/not carrier by parentage)

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear/not carrier by parentage)



Nordiclight’s Mad Joker WTD WTDA




Nordiclight’s Black VooDoo WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD


Nordiclight’s Faith WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA



Cheyenne Nordiclight des Rives du Haut Verdon WPD (FR)

Uktousa des Rives du Haut Verdon

Taffy Snow Okkomut des Rives du Haut Verdon

Nordiclight’s Meg WTD WTDA


Snow Creek Frost-Ice Demon WTD WTDA ROMWD (DEN)

Snow Creek’s Blizzard Grey Wolf

Trap Line Quick Kee-nai WTD WTDA

Yoko Nordiclight of Indian Valley WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD ROMWDA (GER)

Rakkunbarri Bohemia Amarok

Taiga of Indian Valley


Biisaiyowaq Boomer for Nordiclight WLD WTD WTDA (SWE) « BOOMER »

Weight: 75 lbs

Colour: Black/white

DOB: December 05th, 2020

Hips: OFA: Prelim GOOD (tested to 18 months old)

Elbows: OFA: Prelim Normal (tested to 18 months old)

Eyes: OFA: AM-EYE977/16M-VPI

DNA Polyneuropathy: Embark tested Clear

DNA for coat length: Embark tested Clear


Nordic Sled Dog’s Mi Zagreus


Yukon Trail Zipp


Vinca Von Kuhn

Nordic Sled Dog’s St Alcor

Noatak’s Arluk du Niki

Noatak’s Beau Njarka Du Kigga

Back to Work High Spirit Knotte

Stensåsens Snow Dogs Ravn

Nordic Sled Dog’s Ak Black Harley

Stensåsens Snow Dogs Holley

Back to Work Long Distance Gallop




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