Stud service / frozen semen

*** Each inquiry for a stud service or for frozen semen (or fresh/chilled semen) must to include some pictures of the female, her health records (at least hips and eyes), a general description of the female (weight/height, temperament, working aptitude…) and her pedigree. Starting there, we will study the information and give you an answer.

Males available for stud service or  frozen semen (or fresh/chilled semen)


Nordiclight’s Mad Joker WTD « Joker »

Weight: 80 lbs

Height: 25″

Colour: Seal/white

DOB: May 01st, 2013



Hips: OFA: AM-13840E29M-VPI « Excellent »

Elbows: OFA: AM-EL978M29-VPI « Normal »

Eyes: OFA: AM-EYE293/19M-VPI

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear)

DNA Polyneuropathy: Homozygous Normal (clear)



Nordiclight’s Syd the Warrior WTD « SYD »

Weight: 80 lbs


Colour: Black/white

DOB: May 21st, 2017




Hips: OFA: Prelim Good « Good »

Elbows: OFA: Prelim Normal « Normal »

Eyes: OFA: AM-EYE689/19M-VPI

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear by parentage)

DNA Polyneuropathy: Homozygous Normal (clear by parentage)


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