Nordiclight’s Spicy Ginger WPD WTD WTDA ‘GINGER’ (Spayed)

Status: Spayed, member of the team

Weight: 75 lbs

Height: 24 1/2″

Colour: Agouti

DOB: February 16th, 2011

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Hips: OFA: AM-13345G24F-VPI « Good »

Elbows: OFA: AM-EL743F24-VPI « Normal »

Eyes: CERF: AM-377196

DNA Polyneuropathy: Homozygous Normal (clear)

DNA for coat length: N/N (clear)

Chondrodysplasia: AUST. # 176

Ginger is a very calm dog. Typical look of what we produced in the last years. Easy girl that learn fast. Hard puller, very steady. She has a very good movement and is an excellent trotter. To higher speed, she pass easily to a nice balanced gallop. She is unweary! She will be really present in our breeding program in the future.


Ginger’s children who obtained working titles:

1) Nordiclight’s Salem WTD

2) Nordiclight’s Dark Zombie WTD


Her parents:

Her father VooDoo « Nordiclight’s Black VooDoo WPD WTD WTDA » is a superb dog with an excellent temperament. He inherited of several qualities from his mother Faith. Excellent movement, he is a smooth trotter, but as his mother, he can easily change his gait from trot to gallop and he can gallop a long time. He work generally in wheel or as team dog with his brother Nomad, which are inseparable in the daylife.

Her mother Indy « Nordiclight’s Sweet Indy WPD WTD ROMWD » is a really pretty female, sweet and affectionate. She worked as team dog and live now a nice retirement with Bonnie & Rick Sallans. She is a really spoiled girl!!!





Her pedigree:

Nordiclight’s Black VooDoo WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD


Kodiak Kenai Quimmitsaig Grube

Alaska Princess Queen

Nordiclight’s Faith WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA

Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (Imp. USA)

Oopik’s Kindred Spirit WTDX ROMWD

Nordiclight’s Sweet Indy WPD WTD ROMWD

Kablunaq’s Swinging Satchmo WTD ROMWD ROMWDA

Sendaishi’s Sledn with MooDy WTD ROMWD

Frostfield Mad Maggie SD WTD ROMWD ROMWDA


Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (Imp. USA)

Strawberry Mtn Saturn Sunrise CGC









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