In memory of…


Malamute Mountain’s Flake for Nordiclight WPD WLD WTD WLDA WTDA (GER)

Crazy Crew’s Hetja til Oona x Malamute Mountain’s Elsa

RIP Flake, October 01st, 2009 – Décember 09th, 2021

The most difficult thing when you are a breeder is that you have to go through many losses over the years. When the time comes, you have to make the decision to say a last goodbye to them and let them go. It’s always terribly difficult, but some dogs are even more special for us, exceptional dogs that mark us forever, this is the case for Flake who left us!!

Flake was not only a dog who stood out enormously at work and as a leader, he was moreover the best leader in the history of our kennel, but he was a dog with whom we had a very strong bond and he demonstrated it to us with all the intensity that characterized him. He was in a class of his own and he left his mark deep inside us and a great void that will never be filled.

We miss you terribly already !!!



Nordiclight’s Nomad WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD

Vanya x Nordiclight’s Faith WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA

RIP Nomad, July 27th, 2008 – September 30, 2021

It is with great sadness that we had to let go our beautiful Nomad.

What a dog he was !!!! A dog with a big heart, in every sense of the word:

– an endless heart at work, always happy to work and he gave his 200% all the time.

– a dog of heart in the pack, the idol of these ladies and young people

– a dog whose heart was filled with gentleness and an extraordinary Love, his eyes showed us all the deep feelings he had for us, definitely the sweetest and most affectionate dog that it is possible to have, if he was near us and we didn’t realize he wanted to hug us, he would start rubbing his face up and down on our legs as if to say, hey, can’t you see that I love you right now!!!

Nomad will be irreplaceable, a very, very GOOD dog !!! He lived with us for many years in the house for his retirement, he enjoyed every minute and we will cherish his memory forever.

Goodbye my beautiful Nomad !!! You are now with your brother VooDoo who must have been impatiently waiting for you, the 2 inseparable are now reunited again for eternity !!! We will meet again one day !!!

RIP Nomad, July 27, 2008 – September 30, 2021



Nordiclight’s Black VooDoo WPD WTD WTDA ROMWD 

Vanya x Nordiclight’s Faith WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA

RIP VooDoo, July 27th, 2008 –  March 22nd, 2019

It is with great sadness that I announce that our beautiful VooDoo has left us. He left so quickly that I feel that it is not real!! In the morning he talked a lot as usual, he was very happy during what I called « our morning love session ».VooDoo was a dog always cheerful, very affectionate and demonstrative, very vocal too, he were doing woo-woos for everything: say hello, eat, walk, work, play … a so good boy !!

VooDoo (with his brother Nomad and his daughter Ginger) lived with us in the house and he greatly appreciated his retirement and the extras it entails.

VooDoo, your brother Nomad will search you everywhere, he will surely be a little lost without you!!! You will see him again one day … but not right now!!!!

We will miss you a lot  » mon gros doux  » !!


« Cheyenne »

Cheyenne Nordiclight des Rives du Haut Verdon WPD (FR)

Ch Rec.Uktousa des Rives du Haut Verdon x Taffy Snow Okkomut des Rives du Haut Verdon

RIP Cheyenne, January 22nd, 2007 – December 14th, 2018

It’s with lot of sadness that I announce that our beautiful Cheyenne is gone, she went to join Sierra, her great friend and accomplice who was certainly waiting her impatiently !!! We will miss you terribly my beautiful Chey-Chey .. you, my affectionate girl who was always coming for ask and give love, who slept all nights at my side, waiting that I open the eyes before to getting up.. the house is so empty without you.

Goodbye Cheyenne, RIP my beautiful Ti-Chey !!!!


« Sierra »

Nordiclight’s Sierra Nevada WPD

Kablunaq’s Swinging Satchmo WTD ROMWD ROMWDA x Nordiclight’s Nova WPD WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX

Sierra, 24 Février 2007 – 18 Juin 2018

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Sierra this morning,  » Grosse Maman  » for the intimate ones (french of big mamma) !! She will leave a huge hole in our life, she lived in the house with us and Chéyenne for many years. Sierra loved more than anything to walk with Cheyenne, her accomplice of every day. Sierra had an incredible sense of knowing when I decided we were going to walk. I never understood that, I did not touch the leash, did not prepare myself, but she knew, she was reading it in me. She looked me straight in the eyes and saw I do not know what and began to sing of joy, I miss it a lot, just like the complicity that we had! What I loved most of all was her beautiful smile that was emerging when I was going to give her attention, the relationship we had was sincere and deep.

Goodbye Sierra, RIP my Grosse maman !!!!


« Joyce »

Nordiclight’s Joyce Outpoint WTD

Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (USA) x Strawberry Mountain Xema WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (USA)

Joyce, May 12th, 2000 – May 27th, 2015

We are really sad to report that our old Joyce is gone today. Joyce was a great « main leader » in our team and this for several years. She was always very quiet and then very good to give the example to our young dogs. She was enjoying a well deserved retirement in the house with us for already 5 years, she will be missed.


« Apache »

Nordiclight’s Dark Apache WTD WTDA WTDX ROMWD

NUCH NTCH Najanin’s Eager Felix x Oopik’s Kindred Spirit WTDX ROMWD

Apache, August 08th, 2003 – February 03rd, 2015

I can not even believe it, our beautiful Apache is gone. The night before, he was in top shape as always and the morning upon waking, he was always the first to arrive to get outside, he did not come. I called him, but still not Apache. I went to find him but he would not get up and I realized that our adventure together would ended today. Everything happened so quickly thereafter, a few hours later, he died in my arms. Pierre could not even say goodbye as it was at our cabin.

Apache has always been a « Perfect »dog, of incredible sweetness, he had a personality that was charming everyone on first contact. Even puppy, his need to please us was amazing, he is one of the easiest dogs than we have had. At work, he was a great leader, loved to work and was always ready.

My beautiful Apache, we will miss you greatly. Say hello to my beautiful Nova, she must be well surprise you came so fast to her!!!

______________________________________________________________________« Nova »


Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (USA) x Strawberry Mtn Saturn Sunrise CGC (USA)

Nova, Mars 27th, 2000 – December 27th, 2014

It is with lot of sadness that I announce you that we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Nova today. She has always had a special place in our hearts and it was a terrible decision to have to let her go. Nova has always differentiate herself and it since her birth, in addition to be a beauty, she was one of the most energetic and athletic dogs that we have known, she often makes us laugh with her crazy jumps that ended sometimes walking on the back of another dog, nothing stopped her! At work she worked anywhere including in lead. Nova was an exceptional mother and was very dedicated to her puppies, she watched her babies with love and had the patience of an angel with them, she loved to have puppies, I have never seen another mom to play that much with her puppies, babies were getting tired before her!!! More than anything, what defined Nova was her colorful personality and great joy. She aptly named because she illuminated our lives. Nova, we miss you already, you will leave a great void in our lives. Go my beautiful girl and wait us on the other side …

Nova legacy to us is her wonderful children and grandchildren. We are really happy to keep a small part of her in several of our dogs, so also in our breeding program.


« Aput »

Greenland dog

March 01st, 1999 – May 26th, 2013

Farewell Aput! We had imported him from Sweden at the age of 6 years old and many peoples told us that he was really too old and that we were crazy to import him! We have never regretted, Aput was an incredible dog, with an endless energy and a exceptional temperament. He was a great leader and a very nice friend always ready to please us.

We will miss him very much!!


« Summer »

Nordiclight’s Summer Night WLD WTD WTDA WTDX ROMWD

Kablunaq’s Swinging Satchmo WTD ROMWD ROMWDA x Nordiclight’s Nova WPD WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX

July 08th, 2005 – Décember 12th, 2012

Our beautiful Summer left us… she was all what we liked, we loved her so much. She was a true beauty, very intelligent, an unbelievable leader and always enthusiasm to work, one of our better girls. Summer had a so great personality, she was very close to us, very calm, affectionate and very charming. She had an unbelievable determination as soon as she had a harness on her, she was born for work, she liked it more than all. We will miss her enormously in everyday life and her absence in the team will be feel enormously, we lose our principal leader. What a good girl she was! !!!

She has let us several children and grandchildren and we are really proud of them and they will continue to contribute to our breeding program and to the one of many other breeders through Canada, USA and Europe.

Farewell my beautiful Summer, we like you very much and you will be present in our heart forever.


« QWest »

Mick-Shrok’s Akicita QWest WTDX ROMWD (Imp. USA)

Mick-Shrok’s Akicita x Mick-Shrok’s Wiciska

August 01st, 1998 – June 20th, 2011

Our loved QWest has just left us. He was a dog very close to us, a really affectionate dog that needed presence, then he had a very big part in our heart. We gave him a retirement very early then he lived with us in the house since many years… the house seems now really empty without him!! To almost 13 years old, we try to console ourselves while being said that he had a nice and long life with lot of love.. but our sadness is not least for that. QWest see to leave before him his protective TU, his best friend Charlie and his Maggie… each of these losses affected him a lot because he liked them without limit. I could say that QWest was the dog the more sentimental than we never had, a lover in the soul. All the people was falling immediately in love with him. QWest, my loved boy, you are and will always be present in our heart.

We miss you a lot my QWest… I am certain that you already find your TU, your Charlie and your Maggie that were missing you so much!!!


« Faith »

Nordiclight’s Faith WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA

Mick-Shrok’s Second II None WTD ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX (USA) x Can Ch. Oopik’s Kindred Spirit WTDX ROMWD

August 17th, 2002 – May 16th, 2011

We are really sad to announce to you that we lost our beautiful Faith that was not only an extraordinary girl, but a faithful and loving friend, very close to us, always happy and that « talked » always to us. She will let a huge emptiness in our heart. Also known under the nickname of « mon p’tit chat » (my little cat) or « chaton »(kitten) or as Pierre called her often « ma p’tite femme » (my little woman), she had a little something special that did that she was unique for us. On the working side, Faith was one of the best dog we ever produced, she was a working machine. Pierre was really sad when we had to give her a early retirement to the age of 6 years old following a severe wrist injury that she got during an expedition.

Faith has let us several children and grandchildren and we are really proud of them and they will continue to contribute to our breeding program and to the one of many other breeders through Canada, USA and Europe.

We miss you already « mon p’tit chat »… I hope that you found your way to rejoin your mom Kit, your dad TU and your good friend Charlie.


« Angel »

Nordiclight’s Secret Angel WTD WTDA WTDX ROMWD

Mick-Shrok’s Akicita QWest WTDX ROMWD (Imp. USA) x Frostfield Mad Maggie SD WTD ROMWD ROMWDA (Imp. USA)

July 26th, 2005 – May 31th,2010

We can’t believe that our beautiful Angel left us for the rainbow bridge. It is came so fast, we are devasted by her loss. She was so young, 5 years old is not an age for died!! Angel was the beauty of the kennel, but for us, she was much more than it, she was a very lovely girl, friendly, a happy girl (she wagged her tail for us until the last minutes of her life). We was really in love with her, she was an excellent girl in all points. We lost one of our best females, a great sled dog and more than all, one of our children. Her « sister » Funny will miss her also a lot, they have always live together in the same kennel, they worked together… she will certainly react a lot to her lost too.

Run free my beauty, I’m sure that your mother Maggie was waiting for you…


« Maggie »

Frostfield Mad Maggie SD WTD ROMWD ROMWDA (Imp. USA)

Frostfield Kotzebue Kalvin x Am Ch Frostfield Sweet Stephanie

March 04th, 1998 – March 04th, 2010

This is with the heart in thousand pieces that I announce you that Maggie left us. In this day of March 04th, 2010, we was thinking « to celebrate » her birthday and not to facing her death. Maggie was our spoiled girl, she lived with us in the house since many years and she marked our life. Her loss is very painful and she will always remain very presents in our heart. She was very « special » and those that met her fell quickly under her charm. She had so much small habits that was making her so precious and special for us, as to put her paws on her nose when she was happy or simply to our request, snore on asks, come for search « Love » in the middle of the night while putting her nose slowly under my pillow for that I kiss her and hug her a bit or again « to break » the door closed of my room for come to sleep with me in the bed… this is all these small things that do that certain dogs are irreplaceable, and Maggie is part of these irreplaceable dogs, we miss her already without common sense. Farewell « my little Darling » (translating of « ma petite Chérie » that was her surname)

Maggie has let us several children and grandchildren and we are really proud of them and they will continue to contribute to our breeding program and to the one of many other breeders through Canada, USA and Europe.

Go Maggie, go!!!! Wait us on the other side…


« Charlie »

It is so hard for us to tell you that our golden Charlie left us. No word can describe the sadness that we fell with his lost. Charlie came into our life by an unexpected circumstance while he has no family. He was at high risk of euthanasia because no family had claimed him and his foster family could not keep him any longer. Since this day, Charlie always gave it back to us; he gave us happiness throughout his whole life with us. He was the perfect dog, full of Love, of softness, of good mood and of patience for all the puppies who pulled his ears and tail, and he was like a second mother for them. Charlie, we will miss you so much. Yet we can see that your best friend QWest is looking for you everywhere, it was so beautiful to see you both lying one next to the other, like two inseparable… You will always be in our thoughts and we will remind you as the best dog of the world!! We love you so much!

He came into our life in April 1999 and he left us on July 09th 2008 but he will be forever in our hearts.




Mick-Shrok’s Wizard of Ahhs x Goldust’s Winsome Witch

February 22th, 1993 – March 18th, 2004

It is with a broken heart that I tell you that TU left us. He was a great dog on all the points. TU were a magnificent dog with an extraordinary temperament. He spent his last years living in the house with us. He adored his retired life and demonstrated it to us every day. TU gave us a lot of joy and love. He will remain for ever in our heart. TU let us many magnificent offspring, they are very precious for us, and maybe same again more today, because we see a little bit our TU in them.

Farewell TU, you will always remain present in our heart, we will love you all our life.

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